You're Fired! quest

i threw the extra keys out after killing the boss and it abandoned the quest even though I killed the boss. WHY THE HELL DOES IT GIVE YOU OPTION OF EXTRA KEYS IF IT DOES THAT? And now I cant reaccept the quest. Or at least I cant seem to find a way to reaccept it...

The first thing I did was go back to the quest giver. He only offers another mask, that wont reaccept the quest

I saw on google search "If you abbadon you can't retake the quest" on‎ but after reading page upon page I cant even find this comment...
The comment you found on google is at

This quest does not start at the Keeper of the Grove, it starts at the communicator Forge Camp Anger. I posted in your other thread:

you need to be wearing the mask to interact with the Legion Communicator in order to pick the quest up again.

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