Dark Summoner

I joined Brawler's Guild 2 days ago and I'm on Dark Summoner currently. I spend all my time killing ghosts and only manage to land like 2 hits on him in between and I die either to the boss or to his enrage. Looks like I lack the DPS to kill the ghosts in time. Idk what ilvl is required to kill him but I seem to be struggling. Any advice?
You don't kill all the ghosts on that fight, you just keep the light on them and they stop moving. Kill one, pop CDs on Summoner and you should be able to nearly kill him in the first cycle.
I killed him when I was ~480 ilvl.

1.Turn Evil Glyph will help you when trying to control multiple ghosts that aren't stacked together.
2.After you kill a ghost, dps Dark Summoner until around 2 seconds are left on the exposed buff. You then switch back to ghosts.
3.Any chance you can have the Dark summoner exposed, don't be afraid to pop offensive cooldowns.

The biggest problem people have with this boss is the ghosts. Sometimes they will spawn right on top of you, and sometimes it will seem as if they have a 20 yard melee range.

Just keep practicing on a rotation of switching back and forth between ghosts and Dark Summoner and timing your cooldowns.

Best of luck to you! I had spent about 4 hours of attempts trying to figure him out without looking up strats. After I finally did get him down, I was shaking and had the biggest grin on my face for a good 10 minutes.

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