Open Libram LXXVII: Light in the Black

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Aye, I have fairly even hit/expertise levels, but our warrior that has the feather....

Almost 12%, like a boss.

If they're Fury, though, that hit will actually go to use for more white hits - which means more rage via offensive Stances.
mhmm, which makes sense or he'd prob be using crit/stam gems.

Still has realllly low value, even in comparison to mastery/haste, which is already quite bad for them.
Yuck, I hate recruiting

Our monk decided to move and his connection is unreliable. Now I need to find a healer with a dps offspec to resume heroic prog =/
This is Dragon Soul and Bone-Link Fetish all over again for me lol.

Final Orders did that to me last tier. Now I'm the only melee in our raid without a 522 weapon.
After missing the 1st kill last week due to being late because of silly things... I finally got my H Megaera kill. A H TF str ring dropped and because I wasn't paying attention I forgot to roll on it XD. It's not too bad I guess, went to a warrior, which I guess could make better use of the crit on it.

We're working on Ji-kun right now, such an easy fight, but we're still having a few people who just forget that they need to go to platforms every once in a while.
Oh please...

Tier 11 Heroic and Normal kills included.

26 Maloriak kills - no mace.
18 Magmaw kills - no boots, no trinket.
18 Atramedes kills - no neck.


Grrr... coffee...
I had 19 LFR kills, 8 normal kills and 27 coins before I got a weapon last tier and then basically got three in a row. I got T14 shoulders today.

I'm on a horrible dead spot with tier pieces this time, but getting pretty good luck on other stuff. A weapon basically right out of the gate.

Our ele got a TF weapon tonight and a couple huge upgrades yesterday and he was basically dead even with me on JR tonight.. that's not something I see a lot. :| We also had crazy luck with trinket drops the last couple days.
!@#$ you heroic horridon

we are so close, if only people would stop pointing their charges in the wrong direction....
anyone got a damn shield? for real? WHY DO YOU HATE ME BLIZZ!?!?!
My record is 35 5.2 loot rolls (LFR drops, coins or otherwise) without a single piece of loot. I was border lining on quitting outright when tier legs dropped for me (this was on my shaman).

Took me an eternity to get out of blue 471 upgraded gloves on this girl.

Still gearing, but guildless so its more of just 'something to do' instead of a feeling of importance or necessity.
Oh look, I finally got an upgrade.

The crappy hit sword. T_T

I actually managed to not be obscenely over hit cap with it, although if I get another Tier token this week I'll be switching to my Tier 15 hands which have yet more hit on them.......


Now watch the haste sword drop soon after this.
05/08/2013 12:27 AMPosted by Cadenbrie
The crappy hit sword. T_T

It's 522, quit yer griping. >_>

Now, 40 helm-dropping raid boss kills spread across the entire expansion to date, some 8+ coins spent on those same bosses trying for helms, and still naught but a holiday hat? That is worth griping about! >_<
Ewww Zerat + Feather, I feel your pain ( actually I'm not sure I do )

Hopefully shared boss loot or Lei Shen is good to you soon, I'm still tryin' for my Greatsword.

That sucks Grog, I just ran ToES a little bit ago to help a friend out and I won the tier helmet on Sha =/
26 Maloriak kills - no mace.

My worst was 25 Putricide kills before Tiny Abom dropped. Which was on the patch day of the Cata xpac.
I feel like I've missed out on so much in the past few weeks...
So...EA now officially has the sole rights to publish and develop Star Wars games...

Maker preserve us, the Force has abandoned all reason. -_-
Morning Pally Crew

Nalak was kind enough to give me my ret tier legs

Egads I logged out in my holy gear

3 secrets to go, killed 9 out or 12 bosses in lfr last night, scared to run the last 3...
It's times like this where I'm glad I stopped raiding... and instead want to pull my hair out whenever me and two other DPS blow all our cooldowns to try and kill a single healer and subsequently fail.

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