Krush's Kavern #29

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The topic for this post is: Starting the Raiding Conversation.

It's going to be a shorter post this week, but the topic is just as potent as any of my others. I've touched on the importance of communication in some of my other posts, however this week I want to talk about communication from a raid health perspective. In my opinion, raids should be about collaboration, experimentation and evolution. All of these things are hard to accomplish by yourself, and the steps become easier to take the more people are involved in them.

Collaboration not only aids in raid progression, but makes the game more fun. Ideally a raid group will have many different levels of collaboration; the entire raid will collaborate on general boss strategy, players within roles will collaborate on optimal methods, all the way down to class and spec collaboration for the most technical details. We all know that talking to our raid mates will help us improve our performance, but the often looked over benefit is the strengthening of the social bond between collaborative people and groups. The more you talk to people, the more comfortable you get with them, and the better quality of conversation you can have. This step of the raiding conversation is about sharing what you already know in hopes of enlightening others or becoming enlightened yourself to new, better ways of playing.

Experimentation is another step that greatly benefits from a group effort. If you've had an effective collaborative conversation with your guild mates, you probably now have some new ideas on how to perform in different boss fights. Now you want to test out those new methods and share your findings; experiment. Don't be afraid to do this in a progression raid setting, experimenting is not the same as goofing off with silly ideas. On any particular attempt, an experiment may go well or poorly. If it goes well, all subsequent attempts will be better. If it goes poorly, all subsequent attempts will be the same as the attempt before the experiment. If you don't experiment at all, you will remain stagnant at your current performance level. It's okay to mess up on one attempt in order to test a new way of doing this. The most important part of experimentation is letting others know what happened so they can adapt their play styles as well.

Evolution in a raid setting is the adoption of new methods and strategies, as well as a return to the first step in the raiding conversation. After you've experimented with a few different ideas that you got through collaboration, you pick the superior one and apply it to whatever situation was initially talked about. Since that raid situation is now taken care of, you can return to the collaborative phase and generate ideas about a different aspect of a boss or class. Continued evolution of raiders is necessary to keep up with the stiff learning curves present in heroic modes, as well as new content releases.

This week I want each of you to look for at least one other person in your raids that you can try these conversations with. Start with just general raid tactics then move towards the specific class details. It helped me a lot to have these sorts of conversations as a raider, and I think they can help you too.
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