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I'm a 510+ mage, whos looking for a new guild preferably on the server. Won't say anything about the old guild but I'd prefer if you were progressed further than 6/12.

I'm looking for a guild that's open to a new member, progresses well, and will have a spot for me long term. I can raid everyday after 8pm eastern (5 server), and can continue for awhile (It depends, I won't stay up for 5 hours of wipes for a non progression on a single boss without changes). Don't mind rotating out of fights if the guild wants.
Hello Karlin we are looking for a solid reliable ranged dps for our 10 man team check us out if you like what you see hit us up.
Hey Karlin,

Tango Down is looking for a few exceptional DPS for our 25 man team, currently 8/12. Check out our post :

or apply at
Hi Karlin,

While <From Behind> isn't currently raiding ToT, we're looking to recruit for a core 10m team so that we can start doing content. I've managed to pull together a pretty close-knit group of multi-realmers to progress through HM MSV as well as clearing all of T14. We work well together, but need more people to try to round out a 10m team.

For more information you can check out our recruitment post:

Or our website (which has much more information about our mission and vision for the guild):

Thanks for reading!

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