LF ele/resto shaman

Our raid group is currently recruiting one ele/resto shaman for ToT progression. We are currently 9/12. We raid 3 nights a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 8-11 pm, server.

You will be playing elemental for almost all the fights (except for Megaera), but we will feed you gear for your offspec so that it is geared enough to be ready to heal heroic bosses if we need to go with 3 healers.

What we expect: Very good attendance as well as being familiar with the fights before hand. At least a 500+ ilvl and decent experience in ToT. We also expect you to play both elemental and restoration very well since we don't want to be carrying anyone.

EDIT: If interested, post here or contact Envoy, Anidos, or Rassaa ingame.


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