Horde Progression Guild

Hello all, I'm Pete!

As one of the few current progression guilds on Horde LB we've struggled with having a near constant need to fill our last 10 man DPS slot, and as such while we stay mostly current we're not as far a long as we'd like to be!

With the state of progression Horde side I can only imagine there are a lot of frustrated semi-serious raiders out there that would like a chance to see some of the content outside of an LFR group, and with a competent, adult (not necessarily mature) group.

As such this isn't a recruitment call to be guaranteed a raid spot in our weekly group (Fri/Sat 9:30PM-11:30PM), but if you think you may want to get in on some action occasionally, or just want a smaller, easy going, relevant guild to be a part of feel free to hit up me, or anyone else in Gods.

Also always looking for more to round out old content achieves!

While we find ourselves short mostly the DPS anyone is welcome to come join, 90 or not, raid ready or not.

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