I love pvp but...

Moon Guard
The only part that I can truly say makes me frustrated with the dailies are stealth classes that wait and make you know they're there without engaging, until you pull a mob(s) and then engage.


Otherwise, it's PvP. Take a buddy, go during low times, take two buddies, try PvE ones if you must, ect.
T.T PvP happened on a PvP server... Oh wait. :'( i miss pvp rule sets, but all the rp has died at all the rppvp servers as far as i am aware
T.T PvP happened on a PvP server... Oh wait. :'( i miss pvp rule sets, but all the rp has died at all the rppvp servers as far as i am aware

Emerald Dream is still extremely active both RP-wise and PvP-wise! If I didn't like the friends I've made here so much, I'd give it a shot; it's a nice realm.
One of my best friends used to play on Emerald Dream. The drama he tells me about sometimes makes MG's look calm by comparison.

05/03/2013 03:18 AMPosted by Brevyraina

huh what

I never camp anyone because I'm bad at pvp? you might have me mistaken for someone else, I mean I don't even attack any flagged Alliance I see in the horde base unless they attack me first, and even then I still end up dying :P

I assumed she was talking to the OP.

He. And yeah, that was addressed to the OP. Sorry for any confusion.
Perma-flagged as I am, I was doing dailies earlier, ran into OP, saluted her and she waved back. At some point, she got accidentally flagged for AOEing my pet and two tigers clawed at each other for like two minutes before we noticed and we continued on with our dailies.

OP is okay, from what I've seen.
Hi, I'm one of the Rogues who were camping you. If you'd like I'd be happy to wipe the floor with you over and over. The other rogues was pve geared/spec'd and just maybe got one or two ambushes off, I killed you doing 80%+ of the damage. The paladin did nothing to you either. You are a big whiny baby getting dunked on by -one- Rogue, who just has friends around in case something goes wrong.

If you think I'm wrong, I'd love to one on one you and show you that you're just awful and need to go do pve dailies if this is how you behave.
This would be true. I couldn't get more than a couple hits off before he blew you up. Sadly.

In other news, when you are given a choice between two buttons, one saying PvE and one saying PvP, and you make the choice to click the one that says PvP, don't be surprised when, goodness, player versus player combat happens.

so excited

Found this in another thread. You're mad about rogue PvP? Also youtube bandwagon.


Well............ Bye.
My undergeared, squishy as a moldy sponge, LFR hero warrior.

Was fun, lol.

... Come to the Battlegrounds with me.

I shall mold you with these hands of mine.

*Shows hands*


Let's get down to business
To defeat the Horde
Did they send me daughters
When I asked for sons?
You're the saddest bunch I ever met
But you can bet
Before we're through
Mister, I'll make a man out of you.
This is why it's better to never make PVP complaint threads.
Has a choice between pve or pvp dailies.
Chooses the pvp dailies, gets camped by a legit rogue.
Makes a thread complaining about dying to a rogue.

Simple solution, do pve dailies to avoid getting flagged and camped. Its not rocket science bro.
Also haiii Sorroto. :3333
Yo whatup baby?
Nm bb just reading this thread. Why you gotta make people so mad bro? We talked about this before.
Half the time I honestly have no idea what I'm doing to piss so many people off.
Meh I unno maybe people just hate you in general. :3
I wouldn't even be surprised if that is the case. I clearly have offended many and so this is just them finally putting in my place.

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