Bleeding Hollow
I think we should all just calm down, and sit down in a circle around a campfire and listen to Ole Man Rallys tell stories of raiding Lorderan when it was still controlled by the Alliance, I think that'd be the best for us all at this time of war.
Apollo youre so smart w0w.
No Knyvez your smart, if you are willing to join in on the electric kool-aid and smores with Ole Man Rallys go ahead and shoot me a PM in game.
I think ... we should kill them all and then chase the ones that get away until their legs give out.

We don't dislike one another as much as you think.
lol Apollo is such a nerd
lol Apollo is such a nerd

lol a wow player calling someone else a nerd ......... classic

P.S. your transmog is sexy
Apollo is a little goofy isn't he?

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