Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Still looking >:
Still looking for a mage ?
We are indeed! Add Syphnx#6743 to RealID for a chat whenever you're available.
Hi Ponyo.....I am keen in joining
On my way to Khaz'goroth
This is Blazingchaos Alt.......blazingchaos is in the process of reversing transfer back to origin realm, mainly becoz to bring along her Gold and other Enchanting stuffs that left behind. Will redo the transfer once I got alll the stuffs with me.....

best regards

Twins down! :)
Is there a spot for H/D Priest? iLevel 522, 11/12 [N]ToT.
Currently no, sorry :(
To the top!
What are you guys currently recruiting?
<3 you Ala!
still searching for a mage? am currently 509 ilvl.
Up, Fire mage + Mistweaver where are you!

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