12/12 10m converting to 25s. LF new recruits

Guild Recruitment
About Us
Milk is a progression-focused guild with a casual raid schedule and a laid back atmosphere. Our quick progression gained us recognition, while our member' good reputation quickly opened the door for new recruits. Milk now has had the opportunity to expand into a 25 man raiding guild with others that had the same focus. With our foundation in place, Milk is able to progress through current content while maintaining the goals that brought us to our success, keep raiding fun and be a positive influence within our guild and server.

Current classes needed are always updated on our website. Although Milk will always consider experience raiders of all classes.
Currently in need of great dps - Any class and spec
As well as any healers.

Raid Schedule

Milk 25 mans - Tue/Wed/Thurs 6:30-9:30pm PST.
Alt raids and PVP open on off nights.


12/12 10m - 11/12 25m
Recruiting for 25s so that we can replace the people who aren't making the cut in our current group.

Loot Rules

Milk uses the EPGP loot system, with the option of earning extra EP with weekly contributions to the guild bank. (300g or the equivalent in mats, gems, etc.)
When you go into raid, please make sure you know all your best in slots and which bosses they drop off of.

What we expect from our Members
-High raid attendance is very important to maintain a core raid spot. Be on time and read to go. If you are going to be late to raid or can't make it for any foreseeable reason, please notify an officer beforehand so we can make the necessary adjustments to our roster.

-Know the encounters before you enter them! Our raid leaders will only give a brief run-down of the encounter, they are not there to hold your hand. We move fast while raiding so know in advance what your class is able to do to provide utility and what you can do to get the most from your class on the encounter.

-Know your off spec! Having an off spec ready to go and being able to perform at a high level is a must.

-Sign up for raids using the calendar! This will help our guild master and officers plan strategies in advance and also fill raid spots if needed.

-Keep a positive attitude. Progression raiding means we will endure a lot of painful wipes. This is normal while pushing for current content. Having a poor attitude because of this or complaining in raid may result in you losing your raid spot.


With the <Milk> logo over your head we expect you to represent the guild in a positive way at all times. Trolling, bashing other players / guilds or even bragging or a boasting about Milk is not tolerated. We are a confident guild but act mature about it. Any in-game items ninja'd will not be tolerated. Milk has a great reputation, we take pride in this. If any of these terms are violated, it's and automatic removal from the guild.

In-Game Contacts
Aerxi / Papathiz (Guild Masturb8ters) - rand0s@yahoo.com
Twinalfie (Raid Leader) - cawaterman91@gmail.com
Haranu (Loot Master) - jefferyL@cox.net
Bearajuana (Recruitment) - Zomgunicorns123@gmail.com
Hellokitti (Guild S!ut)

To ask why we fight is to ask why the leaves fall.
Bump for Primordius and Dark Animus down on 25 man!
Bump for Iron Qon down on 25. :o

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