Mistweaver Dps

Are misweaver dps monks viable?
not compared to well-played dps specs, no - not even remotely close

as some token dps to help with specific mechanics on some fights depending on the composition of your raid? sure
lets say they're in full 522 gear. what would their dps be single target, and do they have any good aoe/cleave?
roughly 80-100k single target, 150-250k or so on lots of targets
well thats not TERRIBLE
I'm 521 ilevel right now, and I can tell you our dps is *not* competitive. I will dps on trash in ToT alot of the time, since having 6-7 healers is rarely necessary for trash, so I fistweave. It's rare for me to crack top 10 on single target against actual dps, usually placing above the tanks and a couple of our weaker dps, usually pulling around 70-80k dps. On AoE packs, its a different story. BoK cleave does huge dps, and I can break top 5 on aoe pulls, especially with Xuen up (150k+ dps).

But if you're thinking that you should be counted as a legitimate dps, think again. You can do *okay* dps, while putting out *okay* healing. At best, you can hope for doing about 75% of a regular dps, while doing maybe 60% of a regular healer - on a normal fight. On something like Horridon, or Jinrokh, it's a different story.
Is this like the monk version of the Shockadin threads?
Is this like the monk version of the Shockadin threads?

there was talk of shockadins!?

but to seriously respond to the OP... MW is not a dps spec, it can put out numbers, but is no way meant to be competitive amongst dps specs
I have broken 150k dps using on use gloves and int pots. but no sadly we arent viable for a dps spec.
I play both WW and MW. My dps in WW spec is far higher than my DPS in MW. Fistweaving nets low damage with low healing and is rather mana nuetral if done right so I will fistweave when incomming damage is low enough.

I often use my healing spec in 5 man dungeons when I queue so I get fast queues. In 90% of my groups I often get top damage dealt as the healer and its not uncommon to be called OP. I still laugh every time I see an actual dps class/spec in raid finder gears pull 20-30k dps and call me OP because I have been doing like 70k dps.

Well another good use for fistweaving where it is viable in a raid situation is say you have 2 other healers and they are having trouble keeping the raid alive but 3 healers is too much you can have a mistweaver go dps to be half dps and half healer.
With bloodlust you can get some pretty high numbers
Only if the other DPS in your group sucks.
Why would a healing spec be competitive dps....
Are misweaver dps monks viable?

You're a healer, so no.

That said, for a healer, you do pretty good damage. In random BGs I tend to post about 10m healing and 2m damage. Many other healers tend to post 100k damage, or 40k, or none. I can solo a rogue pretty easily and I can kill someone who's under 20% (/flex). In PVE, the only reason to ever DPS is to heal while conserving mana on low-damage boss phases. Or because it's fun. But never because you are a monster damage-dealer.

i recently took this very toon from 1 to lvl 87 in 4 days, I went thru the normal gearing lulls between expansions, but over all I have been 2nd or 1rst dps in every dgn before and since lvl 87. I did have a few disappointing lulls between LK and Cata, but once in better gear the lulls were short and not worth mentioning.

Right now in my current gear I am doing better dps than my fury spec warrior that is much better geared. I have had dgn runners compliment me on my play style. The only other class I would have to say I like better ATM is my warlock. but when I get this toon in raid gear I do expect that to change.

The main things to remember is to stick to your rotation, use your cd's only when you need them, which also goes for stuns, interrupts, and knock backs. The trick is to know when to use them and when to save them. Even when simply doing dailies.

Also the right professions do make a huge difference.

Thus to answer your question from a pve point of view. as a MW No a mistweaver is a healing spec, where as a WW is the viable dps spec.

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