How to improve your ping?

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Cable is better than DSL. DSL internet has poor latency.

Download speeds aside, my ping on cable to LA from where I live (BC, Canada) is 44ms. My friend who lives in the same city as me on DSL gets about 190ms. To Seattle, WA I get 16ms. He gets around 130ms I think
My normal latency with DSL is 150-225 range it is terrible.

When I used my aunts cable I had latency ping of 15 on a 15mbps/2mpbps cable connection on

I really do hope TWC finishes that survey soon I can't stand fairpoint.

My Internet is slower then 95% of the entire US and it is DSL.

Here is my latest and greatest tests.
(Sorry for the late response if you still are reading this lol)

Eh, DSL isn't bad but, it's just that fairpoint is one of the worst providers. On AT&T U-verse using an interleaved profile(Adds 10+ ms latency) I still had 25ms.

TWC isn't something to get too crazy about but, it might just save you :P.

We currently pay $19.99 for Comcast's 20/4 Mbps tier(Actually 22/4.5 with download bursts up to 70 Mbps).

Hopefully TWC comes for you soon :P.
Well I got in touch with time warner cable and they said they don't service my address but wanted to do a line survey.

I told them they already did the survey so they said they would do another today and I need to call back tomorrow.

No lines on the poles what so ever except for three miles away.

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