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I've tanked cta hundreds of times for 100g bags and 10k sold pets.

It's great money, even if you get a bunch of gold only bags in a row.
You still get it if the CTA goes away any time after you've entered the instance. What's probably happening is that the CTA is going away in the few seconds between when you queue up and the queue actually pops. Always make sure before you click ready that the "You will receive: _____ for completing this instance" box shows the bag as part of the spoils. If not, then the CTA went away while you were in mid-queue. If it does show the bag in that box, then you should get it for finishing the run no matter what and submit a ticket if you don't.

This isn't necessarily true. I've frequently NOT been offered the CTA bag (both when queueing and when the prompt appears) and the game still hands me one at the end anyway.
in this case its not enough, what we need to achieve is dps gets instant queue

Cant believe I missed that post.

DPS getting instant queues means that one of the main reasons people queue as tank or healer goes away, the instant queue.

I play my monk as mistweaver for instant queues now, I was DPS and holding out on it, but I swapped because, Fistweaving isn't that much different from WindWalking, except I get instant queue and less chance of a flash heal spammer crying for mana in my extremenly over-nerfed 5 man content.

if dps had instant queues, equilibrium would take over and DPS wouldn't have instant queues.

Why do ppl consider this a solution ? Do you realize if you join up with a healer for an instant queue you bump a dps that has been in queue a longer time ? This I believe is part of the problem. If everyone would wait their turn, instead of wanting instant queues, you probably wouldn't have 40 minutes queue times for dps.

No, if you join with a healer, you create a group for 2 dps and a tank, and it doesn't hurt the dps queue times, as the Healer wasnt going to queue anyways, it's the same argument as game piracy when EA posts the number of sales lost, and they include all the people that downloaded the game, thinking they'd all buy their game if it wasn't for free.
in this case its not enough, what we need to achieve is dps gets instant queue

Well then maybe DPS should stop being !@#$%^-s.

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