[A] <Fallen> 12/13H 10 man Weekend Raiding

Guild Recruitment
Hello, and thank you for looking.

Raid times:

Fridays starting at 7PM CST until 11PM CST

Saturdays starting at 2PM CST until 9PM CST.

Sundays starting at 2PM CST until 9PM CST.

Be prepared to stay longer on Saturday nights if we are close to a new kill, although I will not keep people up too late if they have to leave.

There will be plenty of breaks in between.

RECRUITING One of the following :

Looking for one beast mage! Must provide logs.

About the guild:

We have successfully transitioned into a weekend raiding 10 man guild. We have a lot of people who work long hours and want to see all the content the game has to offer without losing sleep.

I don't recruit for the bench, everyone, including myself will sit and we will rotate in the best classes needed for progression and those who need loot when we are farming. Ranks do not matter. As long as you show up and do your job, you will get loot.

Our players are competitive, knowledgeable, and passionate with regards to progression raiding. In addition, many of our members enjoy PvP/Arena, achievements, mount farming, holiday events, etc.


We base loot on class needs. When a boss dies, we discuss who it benefits the most.

New Recruits:

Expect to be available for each day of scheduled raiding. The guild's progression, as a whole, is of the utmost importance so we may decide to sit you based on the composition requirements of the specific encounter. However, we do not recruit for the bench so you WILL get plenty of raid time. Currently the guild doesn't provide potions/flasks/food so you are expected to bring enough to cover each raiding period. There will be no "official" loot probation upon joining but we do reserve the right to assign loot as to best assist the raid in further progression.

All potential recruits must have Mumble and Bigwigs installed.

Our players, as previously stated, are very knowledgeable and approachable. We encourage recruits to ask questions as our members are always happy to help. Many of our core raiders have alts and know their specs as well.

In closing, we are a PROGRESSION oriented guild. We do not have the luxury of raiding everyday. We like to down new bosses more than farming them. If you are looking for a guild solely on gearing out your toon, then this is the wrong place for you.


Please Contact me (via realid) Rika#1494 or in game on Rika (Rogue).

Please include the class/spec, current progression, and ilvl in your realid request. I will NOT accept any blank friend requests.

Thanks again for looking. Hope to hear from you soon!
Bonus points for beautiful people.
Moving on up.
Up we go.
I am Thorrbo. Bump.
^ Our ugliest member
I just broke up with my girlfriend and I need a beastly mage to comfort me :*(
Don't lie, you didn't have one.
Still looking for that awesome person!
Back up!
Hey Munchen. Why are you a female panda? I have been pondering daily. Now, I hope we get a human female Mage, Fury Warrior, Frost DK, Disc Priest, or a Holy Paladin. Where are you?
Psh, you know why... All about dem food buffs, and getting rid of my damn hit that I had 10% of -.-.

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