[A] Exiles of Lordaeron 13/14

Exiles of Lordaeron is a great guild and fun environment for any raider or casual, one of our core teams is currently not recruiting.

We're currently not recruiting at the time but that doesn't mean there isn't a place for you in our guild! Send an app in anyways!

This team is laid back, semi-hardcore group with a long history of raiding together, and getting things done. The team is mostly an adult group with members ranging from 19 and up. We're not a very strict team but we do want people to come prepared, ready, and with a good attitude so that they do not hinder the group in any way, shape, or form.

We're currently 13/14 in SoO and wishing to push heroics soon :)

The current Raid Schedule for this team is:
Wednesday 9PM-12PM(Server Time) or EST
Friday 8PM-11PM(Server Time) or EST
Sunday 8PM-11PM(Server Time) or EST

Every App must understand and meet these requirements:

A single, recent World of Logs link
A minimal item level of 540, Exceptions can be made though.
You must have your meta gem. It is this late in the expac, you should have it. No excuses.
Knowledge of their class and spec.
A great attitude, Wiping is part of progression, we need someone who understands that and can deal with the stress of wiping and pushing progression. We want open minded players that will make a change in a moment's notice if it means getting a boss down.
At least 90% attendance throughout the month. (Things happen but if you're constantly missing, you will be replaced.)

If you're interested in a spot on this team, whisper me in-game (Christykins#1256), Kuhani, (BrittonB#1241) or any officer in EoL. You may also leave your battletag and exp in this thread which I will check frequently.

Alternatively, you may create an App at, http://www.eolguild.org/
Bumping because this team is in large need of a RDPS and MDPS to continue heroic progression
Bump bump bump! To the top!
I wish you guys needed a rogue.
I wish you guys needed a rogue.
Could you send me your battle-tag? Would like to talk to you (: Maybe we could work out having a rogue.

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