Ret vs Bal (Fun/Competitive/PvE)

So I have the opportunity to transfer either my paladin or druid to my new home server. The paladin is 85 the druid is 86. I enjoy both equally really. I've had my paladin since BC and this particular druid since a month after MoP. I enjoy healing on both, I would've continued to main hpally but was dissatisfied with holy paladin mechanics after 4.1. I don't mind druid healing, but I dont prefer my healing style to contain mainly of HoTs.

As far as dps on both they're both unique in my mind and have potential to change drastically come the new expansion. I used to enjoy tanking on either but with active migitation they're both meh to me.

I enjoy ranged dps more than anything this expansion but I still have a faint heart for 3 melee specs, which are ret paladins, feral druids, & unholy dk's. All 3 I've had either major prime's in my experience in WoW or just enjoy the mechanical flow of the spec.

So with all that aside

1. In competitive PvE Normal and SEPERATELY Heroic DPS which is standing out more? I could look on raidbot but I prefer to hear it personally from the community. This question can contain ret paladins, balance and feral druids.

2. What do you think or "know" will be competitive in the future assuming nothing changes to the spec? Example: At this moment we can assume that fire will predominantly be the best mage spec come 5.4 (tier 16) assuming they dont change any damage values to any spec.

If you have anything else you would like to add as well. I'm posting this in the paladin forum as well as the druid forum for the sake of more responses.

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