517 Prot Warrior LFG 12/12 Exp.

517 Protection Warrior LF ToT raid group. 12/12 exp this tier and plenty of previous heroic experience both 10/25 man. I have raided seriously off and on as my schedule allowed. My job involves rotating shifts so haven't been able to consistently raid for extended periods of time which has led to many, many pug groups. I have recently been able to get a more steady schedule so looking for a long term home.

Monday- anytime up until 10:00 CST
Tuesday- N/A
Wednesday-anytime up until 10:00 CST
Friday-anytime up until 10:00 CST
Saturday & Sunday-No restrictions

I know this seems very specific but hoping for the best. Would be willing to server/faction transfer under right circumstances. Very knowledgable and reliable raider. If interested contact me battletag balkkii#1214 or in game mail Thunderfáp. Thanks!
Illidan is >>>>>>>>
yes, it's over there so go post on the forums over there.
Willing to faction/server change^^^ Hence posting on other realm's forums:)

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