Jewelcrafting for PvP at Level 70 (XP locked)

Hi all,

I was wondering If i could please get some advice regarding Jeqwelcrafting, and what I can craft in terms of PvP gems (so pvppower, pvpres, int) AT LEVEL 70.

In particular, I would like to know if I can craft the +20 pvp resilience gem (mystic king's amber?) AT LEVEL 70, and AT THE MAXED PROFESSION LEVEL for a lvl 70 char.

In essence, what I am asking, is that If I am twinking/xp-locked at level 70, am I confined to buying these gems from the AH/other people, who are @ a higher char/profession level who are able to craft these gems for me?

I ask this, because these gems cost a ridiculous amount of Gold. In addition, they also seem to be lacking on the AH - implying that either the demand is real low, or the requirements to craft desired gem is real high!

Thank you for any advice!
I make a good deal of my gold on twink gems. The demand is low so that is why prices are generally high. It's also more difficult to obtain the epic gems although you can do it with Justice Points in Dalaran. Most people don't find farming Justice for this reason the best use of their time so there is a scarcity. Pattern acquisition is also a time sink as you have to do the daily in order to buy the cuts.

I set my prices to cover my relisting fees and time. The ore from these expansions is generally more expensive as well because not as many people gather and sell it.

You should be able to train Jewelcrafting at level 70. You have to get the quest "Finish the Shipment" that appears to be available at level 65 (?) and requires JC 375 (according to wowhead). Once you complete the quest you should have dailies availble to you but some may be difficult to complete quickly as the mobs that drop the required item might be a bit high. Dailies are required for the patterns you'll need for your gem cuts.

You can get brilliant, stormy and mystic cuts (red, blule and yellow) and a metagem (if twink items have that slot).

I have multiple JC's but have never had a twink as one of them so I'm not sure how best to offer advice. Maybe a PVP player will have more experience but this should help you get started.
Higeki covered it pretty well. The only part that might be difficult for a level 70 character is being able to get the mob kill for the drop needed to complete the Dalaran JC daily. If memory serves you'll need a Vyrkul and an Iron Dwarf for two of them and you can find a 70-71 NPC in Howling Fjord. I honestly can't remember what the others need, but my point is you may have to pick and choose which JC dailies you do in order to get the tokens.

The market for those gems is very small so the prices are high. You may be better off finding a JC with the cuts and working out a relationsihp too.
thanks for the advice.

So if i end up taking JC and level it to the max level @ character lvl 70... I will need to do some quests/grinding in order to get those +20pvp resilience gems?

So those gems arent simply a matter of getting it (trainable) from the JC proffession trainer, once I reach 375 JC level?

So basically my choice comes down to this -

1) level JC profession to it's max, then grind the dailies/justice/honour/whatever required for recipe for those PVP gems..... OR

2) just somehow make alot of gold, and buy desired gems off AH or a Jewelcrafter that can make those gems for me?

Or are there any other avenues I can undertake to acquire my gems? Given of course, that I DO NOT have a lvl 90 char on the same server as my lvl 70 twink!

Thanks guys! Please help!

P.S. A very noob question here... But if a gem is labelled as a " Item level 80" e.g.
Does this mean it's only usable if you are character level 80?
A couple thoughts:

1) Since the some of the Dalaran dailies might be a bit tough at lvl 70, you'd want to keep an eye out for other JC token sources - Damaged Necklaces and titanium ore. 10 Titanium Powders (from prospecting 50 titanium ore) will get you one token.

2) the only gems you could not buy from an existing JC are the Dragon's Eye cuts. You can equip 3 Dragon's Eye cuts, but they are unique-equipped, so only one of each. So, +34 resil, +34 PvP power and one other (+51Stam or +34 Str/Int/Agil/Crit/Dodge/etc.)

As for your "noob" question - if the item text says "Item level 80" it just means that's the item's level (Titanium Earthguard Chain is Item Level 200, for example, but Requires Level 80 to equip). If the text reads "Requires level 80", then you need to be lvl 80 to equip it. Post-WotLK gems have minimum ilvl requirements for the gear they socket into. WotLK gems do not. (They are similar to the min level requirements of enchantments in this).

Also, Kharmaa's Grace (+20 resil) is available from the Wintergrasp QM for 165 HPs. Just get a friendly guildie to fly you there when you own the place. No +20 PvP Power gems from the Wintergrasp QM, tho.

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