Spirits of Harmony moving to BoA at any point

With 5.3 coming soon I am wondering when this change will happen.

I have too many on some alts who can not use them at all and am almost out of them on the couple who could use them.

Other than doing the new Farmville minigame is there a good way to get motes at all?

Since I refuse to spend time on the farming minigame I am at a loss as to what my options are going forward. I kept hoping Blizzard would have let us know about them going BoA by now.

Can you buy them for JP or VP from any vendor?
I get a good many motes doing my dailies on the Isle of Thunder. The mobs there seem to have a good drop rate for motes. I only use them to purchase Golden Lotus so mostly I think of them as "things to take up precious bag space."
The big problem I have is my biggest use of them is on my healer making me and my alts leg enchants since he is a LW.

I do not do dailies on him and he is a bit slow at killing mobs although I guess I could if the drop rate was high enough.
Blizzard seems to be holding fast on these. Unlike the old Frozen Orbs and Chaos Orbs, since these are from doing pretty well anything, rather than just heroic dungeones, there seems to be less incentive for them to ever change.

So I'd personally expect they'd go BoA or non-binding in 6.0, just pre-expansion.
You could get a DPS spec on your healer, then farm/do dailies and you'd get a ton of them. Although you might have to buy/farm for DPS gear.

Now that spirit counts for hit, the differences between healer and DPS gear aren't too big. I wouldn't think it would be a problem for anyone who was just doing dailies, and not raiding or something.
You can buy motes for honor, but it's 400 honor for 1 mote, you can change JP into honor at the justice point vendor in SW/Org.

Farm is the way that takes the least time, plus you can also grow ore, leather, cloth, herbs.

Sure it's up to you if you want to 'refuse to spend time on the farming minigame' but you're losing out, once you're exalted on a char which is really easy now, it takes a couple of minutes to do per alt and you have 16 motes or whatever else you want to grow.
I used to grow them... 11.2 Spirits per week in about 20-25 minutes of work. If I really needed them, I'd do that again.

They'll probably lose their soulbound quality in 5.4 though. Previous items other expansions that were similar did the same.
These BOE motes are a headache...
Its frustrating to think unless I build DPS speck on a number of my toons and buy DPS gear for those toons that I will never be able to max out some of their professions.The characters require the motes to level or purchase more recipes. I could stand the recipes being one thousand or two thousand gold a piece, I could pay that over time, but motes are difficult to farm on healing classes or on casual play characters.

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