How good will this run WoW?

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•3.5GHz AMD six-core FX-6120 processor, 6MB L2 cache
•AMD 970 chipset
•10GB PC3-10600 DDR3-1333 SDRAM
•AMD Radeon HD 7570 graphics with up to 2GB DDR3 memory, 5GB system memory

Ive looked into it and seen a couple reviews of people with this comp that play WoW with the setting on high/ultra and get 30 FPs. So i would just like to get some other opinions also.

But as for me when it comes right down to it i honestly don't care if these specs wont play WoW on high/ultra settings. My current computer is a lap top Ive had for 4 years now and its horrible no matter where i go I'm lucky to pull 10 FPS. So as long as this will play WoW on at least good/high settings and i can get at least 25 FPS no matter what i do 25m raids, BGs, sitting in city's, I'll be happy.
It will not get high/ultra on 30fps unless the place is completely empty and you aren't zoomed out too far.

What is your budget?
Are you willing to build your own?
if you are check out this guide

If not...
I would recommend this but depending on your budget...
Well kinda hard to say pretty low, the thing is this comp is from QVC so you can make monthly payments instead of all at once. I can make a 200 between 300 month payment but i cant really afford to buy a comp at full price at one time at the moment.

Lol it would take me a good few months to buy a comp then and personally Ive had this crappy lap top of mine so long I'm eager to replace it asap haha.
How much is the retail price with QVC? If you can make, say a $250 per month payment you should just ride it out with your laptop and save $250 a month instead.

If you can finance with QVC maybe check out Newegg, Amazon, or Microcenter and apply for one of their credit cards.

Do you have a link to that deal with QVC?,-10GB-RAM,-2TB-HD-Desktop-PCs-Computers-Electronics.product.E265819.html?sc=E265819-User&cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-7-_-E265819&catentryImage=$uslarge$
Complete rip off for that desktop. Check out Newegg's payment plan instead.

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