Why do you play a Druid?

I've, unfortunately, hitten a rough patch with my Druid, I don't know why. So I just wanna hear why everyone plays there Druid :)

I have been playing my Druid for 4 years, always resto. Been on and off between boomy and feral (still can't choose). I have TRIED to level literally every other class and I can't get past level 10 because there's absolutely nothing like instant flight form or being able to break roots by changing shape. I love healing with Druid, ever since I started to learn healing...hots were just amazing to me and I love tree form...I'm in it every second of the day. I've finally accepted...I'm playing a Druid for as long as I play wow :)

So tell me, how long have you been playing Druid and why?
I leveled a lot of other classes before I leveled my druid, but once I started playing druid I have never really gone back. Once in a while I will dust off my priest or palie, but I almost immediately miss my druid.

I'm convinced druid is the best class in wow, at least for me. I really like variety and complexity in a class, and druid certainly has that. I'm just getting to the point with resto PvP where I am really starting to use all of my abilities in cat and bear form, along with the obvious ones from resto. It's amazing how deep the druid toolkit is, regardless of what spec you are playing.

I mean...comon.....a caster that can stealth and heal? Who wouldn't want to play that?
I didn't start playing my Druid until MoP, because I wanted to play a caster and loved the sun/moon aspect of Boomkin spells. Not to mention lazer-turkey form, seriously. I love resto too, though I think it's missing something mechanically.
Bear /dance
I started this druid during Vanilla. Around the teens, I got thoroughly bored, and stopped. Started up again when I saw my first Boomkin. Got bored again. During TBC, when I saw flight form, I got back on him.

Until MoP, though, druid always took backseat. I was a warrior tank. That's all I did. Loved it, for sure. Only healed on the druid for alt runs, like doing Naxx on off nights when the guild's mains were doing Uluar/ToC. But as MoP release came up, I decided it was time for a change of pace. Really happy with my choice. Healing works nicely for me. I'm not nearly as good at healing as I was at tanking, but I get by.

The warrior is pretty well mothballed. I leveled him to 90, but I think I've tanked only one heroic. Have a warlock, and he's been taken out to only one or two LFRs. I like that I can heal, can do fine on melee dps. And if needed, I can respec to tank, or ranged DPS. Variety!
So tell me, how long have you been playing Druid and why?
I have played druid since the end of BC after switching from rogue. I play druid because the tears of bad rogues are delicious. Whether it's dominating them in pvp or destroying there dmg in pve I play kitty because the tears of bad rogues sustain me.
ADD and I'm impatient...
If it wasn't for the fact that I have gear I would switch mains to raid on in a heartbeat. I hate my druid, I log on only for raid. I feel all of the issues everyone brings up.
too lazy to level my alts
Cause its the only class I know how to play
I've been playing this character since BC. I have always been Feral, Chicken form is too weak for my tastes, and I feel Feral is really strong now! I have no plans for changing mains, I have three 90's, and I always feel epic stalking my enemies as a panther, and soaring the skies as a raven. Druids are my favorite, because we are the Guardian's of Nature. i don't feel all of those, "My Druid is terrible, I only play cause i'm lazy to level," Blah. Druid is best. Always go Druid.
a friend told me druid was the way to go when i first started and was unsure what to roll, and she's been my main ever since. i was originally boomer then kitty but i decided to heal when dps wasn't for me during DS. i love my druid the best.

Because I love moving around like a maniac, getting out of roots, and reflecting damage back to people with Touch of Ka--Thorns!
Since cata, just wanted a worsen didn't have a Druid...then race change :D but I like healing, gives me the sense that I'm helping someone
Since cata, just wanted a worsen didn't have a Druid...then race change :D but I like healing, gives me the sense that I'm helping someone

Or enabling that stupid idiot you're healing to do more stupid stuff
Instant flight form
who wouldn't want to be a big lovable bird that shoots lazers?
Well, let's face facts, you have been playing the same character almost exclusively for FOUR years. That's like eating the same cereal for breakfast everyday for four years. You issues with your druid might not have anything to do with your druid so much as it has just gotten to the point that you're actually bored with it?

Thats not a bad thing, in fact it's perfectly natural. Hell, i'm lucky if i can get a character to max level before i go create an alt or just take a break from WoW entirely. I've been playing WoW since vanilla was released and recently picked up Guild Wars 2 and I've leveled a couple characters on there to max level and then came back to WoW and started with a new Priest :)

You own the game and blizzard doesn't delete your old characters... ever. I have a hunter on one server that I haven't touched since they used mana as their primary resource!

If you can't figure out why you're still playing your druid, just take a break and come back to it later. Try leveling other classes up to about 60. If all else fails it will at least help you develop a better understanding of the mechanics that other classes use. At the best you might actually find a new favorite class!

Either way, best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do XD
After playing several classes since vanilla and rogue since season 2 in season 4 I became a druid and only have 1 toon no need for anymore

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