WTS Spectral Tiger (blue version)

Selling one (1) Reins of the Spectral Tiger, contact me in game or post here if interested. 300K.
still selling, bump
Hi there. Can I buy it for 230k? My server is Stormscale. What's your btag I'll add you
ok. I added you. Hope to see you in game :)
add me Nightmare#11812
Ill buy it for 300k if you're willing to do it on Starmscale/US/Horde. Please add me on Btag to discuss. Thanks.
I'm not willing to transfer, I have added you.
If I offer 300k+ lvl 25 guild with 1220 achievements, 7 tabs and lots unlocked would you consider?

Note: using a scroll of resurrect, you can do a one-way server transfer for free, once deal is completed you only have to pay for going back, only for $35.
Bump, still accepting offers. Not willing to transfer.

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