A Grand Tournament for the Alliance!

Earthen Ring
The time has come for something of great; the Alliance Protectorate invites citizens of the Grand Alliance to come to a Grand Tournament to prepare for the great summer to come and to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the founding of the Alliance Protectorate!

Each day next week until the 16th of May will be holding a day of challenges, duels, melees, and jousting! Each day will be several hours of glorious games and honor.

This is a open event to all guilds and roleplayers. The topic on cross-fraction is touchy but if there are people or guilds on horde side that is interested in participating please come talk to me and we can see if we can ICly incorporate a way for Hordies to join us.

If your interested in either participating, competing, or spectating, please message your character that you would like want to be invited via calender!

For more information please seek out the official forum post on the Earthen Ring Network at http://earthenring.net/forum/topics/a-grand-tournament-and-the-fourth-anniversary-of-the-alliance.

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