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Yes was just wondering I have a HP Touchsmart 300-1020 All-In-One computer right now that I play wow with and i am getting around 14-24 fps on low settings. Was looking at a HP Pavilion p2-1122 and not sure if it is really a upgrade compared to what I have. There is nothing I can do to my current computer for the fact of it being a All-In-One. I would be happy with 30+ fps on high settings or really any thing better that what i get now. If this computer I'm looking buy in not good what would be a good one have very low budget... (Links below for the specs on both computers)

This is my current computer:

This is the one was looking to buy:
Why are you looking at name brands? They lack quality, are over priced and under perform. i understand you may not want to build your own, but there are other possibilities. What is your budget and do you need just the tower or do you need a monitor???
It'll be just as bad. For starters, you want something with dedicated graphics, not integrated.
That's not a good computer... you wouldn't be playing very well at all with it.

As Stephi said
What is your budget and do you need just the tower or do you need a monitor???
Thank you for the reply my budget is only around 500.00 to 700.00 max for just a tower or if i could get a tower and monitor for that price would be great. I really just need something better that what I have it is making it hard to progress though ToT with my current computer.
Not amazing but ok... $520

Another option would be to get this for $450

And then just add this graphics card for $85

This would give waaay better performance than the first one but costs $15 more total and requires just a smidgen of installation :p

Don't make any impulse buys based on what I say though... some other people here are a lot better at scouting out great deals on computers
Thank you for the help and the replys
Emerron's recommendations are pretty decent really, given that you'd also like a monitor and to keep it all to $700 tops.

You might choose the I3 for $450, and then figure you have $250 left for a monitor and video card. I'd shoot for a Geforce 650ti or maybe a Radeon 7790, and then a 2X" 1080p monitor.

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