What would YOU do about dead realms?

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I'd give them waffles and tell them to cheer up! And tell them "There some people in the world who have no waffles! But you haz some so it ok!" :D
expand CRZ to major cities and allow cross realm raiding for the current tier

all problems solved
Make it so each server cluster has one AH. Have cross realm guilds and trading.
Server merges. Other games I've played have done it, you might have to get a tag at the end of your name from your original server but whatever. It beats playing on a dead server.

I bet there's probably a dozen realms worth of active players, just make roughly 4 per time zone (US) and call it a day. I'm sure Blizzard can figure that one out entirely.

If I didn't feel like paying a transfer fee, which I don't, I'd probably just quit the game entirely. Fortunately/unfortunately I have characters on many realms I've leveled over the years.
Use the SWTOR solution - free transfer to a designated higher pop server, followed by eventual closure. Everyone on expanded, higher pop servers.

If that worked for a game that had population issues as grievous as SWTOR, it'd surely work for WoW.

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