(H) Friday Night Story Night - Oct. 25th!

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Hi Folks!

It's time for a Friday Night Story Night! This is for those wanting to check out what happens at the regular Story Night on Tuesdays. If you're new or just haven't been able to make it on Tuesdays - here's your ticket! :)

Scary Tales! - Boo!
When: Friday, October 25th
Where: Beggar's Haunt, Duskwood (behind the former old scout tower, look form the gates)- http://wowpedia.org/Beggar's_Haunt
(Nearest flightpaths are Stonard, Bogpaddle, Grom'gol & Bambala))
Time: 8pm - 9-9:30pm EST

============= Story Night Mini-FAQs: =============

What is "Story Night" anyway?
This is a small, open and no-pressure weekly roleplaying event set up by the guild <Tears of Draenor>. Basically, think of a campfire (story) night with a Horde "twist", with folks exchanging stories and the like.

Here's the regular Story Night thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1127158870

Do I need an invite to come? Or special handshake?
Nope! :) This is an open RP event, meaning anyone can come, though Sun Rock is not "Alliance-Friendly", so keep that in mind. So, bring a Horde alt and come join us.

Do I have to tell a story to come?
Nope! :) Feel free to sit in and listen. I try to make it as hassle-free as possible, so if you don't have anything - it's all good.

Do I have to roleplay or be a roleplayer to attend?
Nope! :) Roleplayers and non-roleplayers are welcome equally, so if you want to rp, cool! If not? Cool!. Just mind your manners! *wink*

What kind of stories can I tell?
Any story that can be told IC (in character) as your character. This could be a tale about your past, stories and folklore, tall tales from adventuring - even lore/history interpreted through your character. You can also take stories and such from RL and twist them around to relect the game's genre. Try to keep it within the establish canon lore when possible and within the game's code of conduct as far as language.

Same goes for songs, poems as well. There's old folklore that can be turned into childhood stories or stories told in taverns and during adventures. Have some creativity and fun and writing your own as well, or adapting existing ones for use.

Stories can be as simple or "epic" as you want, just keep them under 10 mins if possible.

What actual RP opportunities are there?
The event offers roleplaying interaction throughout the event, though a lion's share will be before and after the event. This is a good place to interact and mingle in character with other roleplayers and take in/share some character background via stories shared.

Stories of your adventures, events (both mundane and epic) can speak to the audience a little about your character's background and mindset. These can be good ice-breakers and conversation hooks to get to know others. :)

Even when the event is over, it doesn't mean the roleplaying ends! Stick around, see who else is about or head off with a group to another location to continue!

How would I have heard about this as my character?
ICly, there are postings at both neutral and Horde taverns/inn. It's also possible a NPC may have mentioned it to you in passing. The possibilities are open.

How long does it last?
We start at 8pm EST (server time), lasts until we all get tired :) Most times it's ran approx. 1 - 1.5 hours.

What normally happens?
Here's the "basic" rundown of the evening:
- Social talk until start. (This gives folks a chance to ICly talk and "mix" a bit.)
- Short welcome to all and event introduction.
- Announcements (A chance for folks to announce any events coming or related.)
- Introductions! (A chance to introduce yourselves if new or to others if old)
- Story Time! - Stories, songs and whatever else we get taking about. :)
- Closing words, if applicable.
- Social talk until everyone disbands for the evening. Stay! you never know when the RP goes "overtime".
/bump :)
You make rp sound interesting although I have no information/definition to go on.
You make rp sound interesting although I have no information/definition to go on.

Behold! A wild thread appears! :)


My RP Survival Guide!
Yay! A chance to tell my tale! Is this a recurring event?
Yay! A chance to tell my tale! Is this a recurring event?

Hi Gormac!

It is indeed! I have a running Tuesday night event and a monthly Friday one.

This month is theming towards Hallow's End, so spooky tales are encouraged!

Note: I will note that since 5.4 hit with the Siege of Orgrimmar, attendance has been hit or miss. But I will try to keep these going as much as I can.

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