My Milling Macro isn't working randomly

UI and Macro
#show Green Tea Leaf
/cast Milling
/use Green Tea Leaf

is not working for me, what do? I spam the hotkey, it used to work fine, now it is not working at all. Any solutions?
You probably have a stack of less than 5 in your bags.

The macro finds the first instance of Green Tea Leaf in your bags, and attempts to use it. If that first instance happens to be a stack of less than 5, then your macro fails.

Are you getting a red error message along those lines, that you need to use at least 5 to mill? If so, that's your culprit - rearrange your inventory to move all "spare" Tea leaves to be the last ones in your bags (leftmost bag, bottom-rightmost slot).

If not, it could be a bug I've seen before but never been able to reliably duplicate. When milling sometimes it just fails to work. Even if I hard-cast Milling and click on the Green Tea Leaf, I end up "casting" Milling with the cast bar showing but nothing happens afterward.

If that's the case, I found that it persisted through a UI reload and I needed to log out and back in to fix it.

Edit: more info from the Bug Reports forum:
I had 400+ green tea leaf at the time
If you have a stack of 4 green tea leaf in the topleft slot of your rightmost bag (the original backpack), then even if you have stacks of 20 green tea leaf in all other bag slots, the macro will choke from that first partial stack. It's trying to mill that stack of 4, and since it can't it will toss that error in red at the top of your screen, and give up without looking for more.

If you're only milling one herb in the macro, you can move the stack(s) less than 5 to your leftmost bag in the bottom slots, and it will mill all other stacks first.

If you mill many different herbs, and tend to have impartial stacks a lot, you can use something like this macro pair:

If you mill stuff all the time or macro space is tight, you might be interested in an addon like Panda to help.
Awesome thanks for the help

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