Almost zero droprate on Darkmoon Eye?

Pet Battles
RNG hates me. I've handed him his defeat every time as well, and gotten hairballs for my trouble. My boyfriend, on the other hand, got the Darkmoon Eye his third fight. Then, being the amazing and awesome guy he is, he gave it to me.

I'm still going to do the DMF daily every chance I get, of course. I owe him an Eye now.

Yeah, I park an alt in the faire and give him a go every day before anything else ...

/sigh. Some day.
I got 2 darkmoon eyes in same week, guess Im just lucky .
I found it on the AH for just under 20k gold... I will still do the pet battle when the faire comes around, but now just for the prize tickets and getting an alt some xp.
Working as attended nothing to see here. Coming from someone who hasn't gotten theirs yet.

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