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UPDATE: WE'RE HALTING RECRUITMENT. Gotta get people accustomed to each other and work out some officer kinks.

"Dead? Pfft. The rumors of our demise have been exaggerated."


Thori'Anore, the Fury of our People. Born from the brilliant tactical mind of Farstrider Captain Felicia Dawnstar, the banner of Thori'Anore stands as a representative of the Sin'dorei, in all of their glory, their hardships, and their fury. The guild features the best and brightest of Sin'dorei culture, ranging from military prowess, intellectual study, diplomatic relations, and unmatched craftsmanship. It invites any and all who believe in the ideals and foundations of our proud elven race to stand among us.

We are not militants, and yet we are driven to vanquish those who oppose us, serving as defenders to our people and directing their fury at those seeking to destroy our way of life. That same fury, however, is never directed at our own, as we must be mindful of our kinsmen.

We are not nobles, and yet we carry ourselves with pride and dignity, and our riches are gained from the enrichment of our brothers and sisters in blood, their worth as equals valued as we do not view ourselves as above them, but with them through whatever strife comes.

The pride to stand among our allies. The courage to bear their burdens. The will to act upon their fury.



Guild Website: thorianore.shivtr.com

Guild Tumblr: thorianoreofficial.tumblr.com

Guild E-Mail: thorianore@gmail.com

Who are we?
We are a Sin'dorei centric roleplaying guild, with roleplay and events centered around Blood Elves and Blood Elven culture. It does not mean it is exclusive to Sin'dorei entirely, as we do have ambassador/liason ranks for non-Sin'dorei (which will be elaborated upon later in the post), but in the spirit of the former leader's vision, this guild is all about the restoration of Quel'thalas to its former glory and instilling civic pride among its people. It is a broad message, but we'll have plenty of unique events in the days ahead, and we encourage both prospective members and even other guilds to inquire about our events!

What sort of events/roleplay?
Meetings are essential in our RP in forming camraderie, introducing new members, and bouncing off ideas for new events. Members are highly encouraged to bring up events of their own if they'd like, and participation is crucial as we seek to interact not only with each other frequently, but with others!

Do you do anything besides roleplay?
Our focus at the moment is on making sure our guild is geared up and ready to tackle the dangers of Azeroth. I myself am an avid PvPer, which means that if members are interested, I can gather up a premade group and run Battlegrounds for fun and shenanigans! We will also be running 5-man content, scenarios, and LFR, and with us, you'll be running with friends and fellow Sin'dorei!

What kinds of people are you looking for?
All experienced RPers are welcome to join us, as well as people newer to roleplay that are willing to learn the ropes. Together we'll be able to grow as both storymakers, and friends.

How do I join?
If you'd like to join Thori'Anore you can contact Raynell, Araindwen, or Kyterian in-game to set up an IC interview. If you like what you see from that point and meet our standards, you'll be invited as a recruit.
To be a bit more in depth on rank, you will be a recruit until you have been with us ACTIVELY for one week. You must also sign up for our guild site (no, you do not have to use it if you would prefer not to, many of our members do not and that's just fine. We mainly use it as a source for out-of-game contact, however).

What if I'm not a Sin'dorei/don't want to roll a stinky Belf!?

Just kidding :D We understand that Sin'dorei RP is not for everyone (in fact, it's only for the kewl kidz and badasses, nyeh nyeh), but if you still like the sound of our guild, you can join us as Ambassadors and Liasons! With Ambassadorship, you'll be representing the Sin'dorei and act as a mediator for Sin'dorei relations with the Horde. At the moment, the closest race story-wise to Sin'dorei are the Forsaken, but we'll accept anyone depending on if their story is convincing enough to include them as an ambassador.

Any special rules to get in?
-As per usual, if you're an elf with eyes of blue, and you're not a DK, then no. Just no. NO.
-Half Elves will also have to be turned away.
-No dragons, either! Smelly lizards.

What do I get for joining?!
The best bunch of Sin'dorei you could ever ask for. And brownies. LOTS OF THEM.
You can also has cheezburger, courtesy of Raynell.
Apologies to all Tauren for the cheezburgers.
I'm a Gnome in a Belf thread. But not just any Gnome: i'm a Tikky! I make cupcakes /cheer Hurray!

*leaves cupcakes on the table*

That's for you new thread party.
And Layam: you missed the cap on the previous thread. No cupcakes for you. You get donuts instead. Choose carefully who you're going to give the donut hole to, now...
Tikky I love you. And G4. I swear, if I ever more than dabble for RP on the ally side, I'll make a gnome for you guys.

Here, take these brownies. Just for you.

And yay new thread! It feels so good to be back :D

Well, fancy meeting you here too Sir.
<3 Thyrus

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! That includes our lovely Guild Mother, Raine :D

*bakes a platter of brownies*

*fails horribly as they become molten/burnt monstrosities due to baking ineptitude*
New thread. Yay!!!!! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. Big Happy Mother's Day to Raine. You're the best!!!
Your green-ness is nothing to apologize for Tharosh. Not everyone has the required awesomeness to belf it out. Someone has to support the Sin'dorei overlords!!

Well, fancy meeting you here too Sir.

Oh hey there. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Aww, thanks for the Mother's Day wishes.

I only have 3 Belves. :c

Needs more blood elves.

Oh hey there. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You never say Hi to me when I ride past you in Silvermoon. </3
Note to self, trying to solo AQ 40 on a disc priest is a bad idea.
Was a blast running Molton Core with you Raine. Sorry I couldn't continue into AQ with you. We definitely need to set up a MC and AQ run this week. I'll get with you later on my availability and we'll find a time that we can host a guild run through those old raids.
Of course!
I'll try and get a few BC raids going on too, and hopefully one week we'll get enough people in the guild and going to get those raid achieves!

Hey, anyone want to do scenarios and Cata-Mists dungeons this weekend?
How do Sunwell Sundays sound? I think it really rolls off the tongue :D And I'd love to do Scenarios this weekend!

Also, I've been a bit busy today. Came back from an internship interview that was incredibly awesome, and I'm only getting started this week. Have a phone interview for a part-time job as well. This is going to be a great summer, and I hope to make it awesome for this guild as well!

Expect calendar updates for this week!

Actually, expect them NOW! I added stuff for everyone's consideration.
Sunwell Sundays sound awesome! And yush, Scenarios this weekend!
I also started Thunder Isle today, and is trying to get a few reps here and there, but I think when it comes to dungeons I need to run the norms before heroics, at the very least to get a feel for the boss mechanics.

Debuffing I KNOW I'm bad at. But I'm working on it. (actually debating redownloading a healing add-on to help meh)

ANYHOO, yay jobs and yay calendar updates!

I shall get to baking so we have enough brownies!
So many events on the calendar Raynell. Where to start? Grats on the job. Grats to the guild and guildies. Lvl 18 woot!!!!

Mmmmm. Brownies

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