<Jadèd> is recruiting!

<Jadèd> Of Illidan, is currently looking for friendly, social, active members to play with in game.
**Things we like to do: Questing, Achievement hunting, guild heroics, pet battles, and occasional battle grounds.

We also are willing to help you with acquiring new, old, and current game content information!

We're jam packed with all sorts of fun. We poke fun at one another, and we enjoy having a great time in game. We fully support guild idea's (Raffles, Races, Fishing tournaments, idea's for a website, ideas on anything really.) We really just want to enjoy other players company, and have other players enjoy our company too!

We also have plans to raid in the near future but no immediate plans are in place. We'll work out the final details of loot, strategies, and the times later. This will only be a progression raid, details may change.

**Things we do NOT tolerate: Guild drama, offensive content toward another guild member, OR player in game, we do not tolerate Guild Bank ninjas.

Contact Kodä(ALT Code:Alt 0228) Zëldä(ALT Codes: Alt 0235 and Alt 0228, in that order.), Tsubohachi, or Rosenylund in game for more info, or an invite! :)

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