[H 10M] Invîctus - Thrall - Out of the night

[H 10M] Invîctus - Thrall - Out of the night that covers me...

Invîctus - Thrall is cleaning house, revamping its first raid team, and building a 2nd. We are looking for exceptional, dedicated, hardworking raiders that take pride in their toons and guild. Our aim is clearing content and making progression.

Raid I Days and Times:
T/W/M 6:30-8:45 PM EDT

Raid I Needs:

Protection Paladin

Raid II Days and Times:
T/W/Th 9-12 AM EDT

Raid II Needs:


Add battle tag Ket318#1943, Cwaernaomh#1253, or Jolaan#1381 if interested. Applications are also available at our website: http://invictus-thrall.com

Please be prepared for a mumble interview and have logs ready to link.
Woo to mages, protection paladins, shadow priests, and protection warriors!
Still recruiting a mage, protection paladin or shadow priest, and a protection warrior.
They are the best, I would know.
I think you're the best!
Raid Team II is now full!

Still looking for a prot pally for Raid Team I!

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