Tuesday Question: Fetish Fuel.

Fetish Fuel is a fan term used as a label for any element of a story that serves to titillate the reader's erotic or obsessional sensibilities.

The term is not limited strictly to what your dictionary would define as a fetish, but it excludes Explicit Content. It stands in pretty well for the word 'fixation', actually.

(From http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FetishFuel)

Gratuitous titillation, T'n'A, or eyegroping, whatever you want to call it, has been a staple of games since time immemorial, since before even the first lavishly rendered, full 3D humanoid figures leapt from the screens of game studios, their respective creators have been finding new and fascinating ways to "sex up" their product. The most glaring example of this is the ongoing Tomb Raider series and it's figurehead Lara Crotch...er Croft. Every new iteration of this game serves to distract the next generation of bottle-fed gamers, offering more !@#$le for your gaming dollar than any other game before it, it has been one of the drivers of that franchise's success.

Rule 34 not withstanding, this lascivious pandering to the fanbase, often referred to as fanservice, can lead us to some dark places indeed. From the more salubrious fanart pieces out there, to page after page of gaming slashfic/femslash that abounds in the less visited corners of the internet, unless you actively seek that sort of thing of course, then it would be a well visited...you know what? Let's Not Go There.

In World of Warcraft, it can come at you in both directions, a dearth of swarthy male or svelte female characters to choose from, revealing armor sets more at home on piece of Boris Vallejo or Frank Frazetta fantasy art than in a more wholesome medium like an MMORPG, and lets not forget things like charm spells and the warlock succubus minion. And in the other corner is the players themselves, who see something like WoW as a way of exploring desires or feelings previously forbidding to them, like racy costumes at fan conventions or page after page of more adult oriented fan fiction.

Then of course, you get the oddbods. This conversation remains seared in my memory from my days at my old realm, Turalyon. A conversation betwixt some level 23 druid and my racy looking level 70 warrior.
"Hi there" I respond.
"Can I ask you some questions, I am doing an assignment for school".
"Sure" says me, ever eager to help.
*He asks me a short volley of questions about my preference for deodorant brands.*
"Thanks for you help, can I ask you one more thing?"
"Sure thing" says I, still eager to help.
"Can you send me a picture of your armpits?"

Maschalagnia much?

TL;DR Do video games pander to any of your fetishes? Do you adorn your character or yourself in racy armor or costumes to attract attention? Do rogues really do it from behind?

Tell us your story.

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