Two Handed mace vs One Sword and Shield

Hammer has no spirit, but you get about 1.5k (roughly) more spellpower out of it. Really depends on what you, personally, need more of - powerful heals, or efficient healing.
Can't forget the awesome factor of healing with a big two-hander also. That has to be worth some stat budget! There hasn't really been a viable 2h caster mace since the burning crusade.
Since when has 2h healing been a thing? Do I just not play my paladin enough?
First two-handed intellect mace available this raid tier since...BC, maybe? The thing doesn't have spirit, so I don't know how viable it really is for healing of any sort. I really think it was probably just something fun added for Ele Shammies and Boomkins (they can both still use two-handed maces, right?).
If Seal of Insight was better mana/hit for slower weapons, I can probably see myself using this. There's a point where you kinda have more than enough mana regen (albeit later in the patch), and having stronger heals are better. Especially if you consider that mastery shields are based on a % of the amount healed, you'd be getting more of a shield per cast making it more mana-efficient.

No number crunching, just logically-speaking. Although I am curious to see how this would pan out. When I saw a 2h spell hammer in the drop tables, I got pretty excited.
When I saw a 2h spell hammer in the drop tables, I got pretty excited.

I'm still pissed. Was excited to see a two-handed hammer on ToT's loot table, looking forward to once again exercising my racial, then I got a slap to the face. >_<

Though I do agree with everything else you said, but that regen-breakpoint is individually specific since spirit's cap is recommended as "comfort." I really am glad they tried to add back a bit of variety to Holy's loadout shoices - look forward to 5.4 (maybe 5.3 if the fail-roll protection pans out) when I can safely run ToT as Holy for my OS gear and pray for that hammer.
Use the mace, equip Glyph of the Battle Healer, and sit in melee range of bosses, while passively healing everyone.

Paladins just got more OP.

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something fun added for Ele Shammies and Boomkins

I think 2h mace was removed from all shaman specs after that Windfury crap got fixed. Could be wrong though. But yes, boomkins can use it as well.
Just checked on mine, and Shaman can still use two-handed maces.
It's just that LvL got modded so 2H Enh is completely unplayable (believe the imbues got changed such that if you didn't have FT damage would suck or something like that).

They did remove a staff drop from shammies, which caused so much QQ they promptly hotfixed it back though.
2h Enh is unplayable because Lava Lash is an off-hand attack. Trying to go two-handed cuts you off from one of your strikes and part of your AoE via Flame Shock spreading.
2h Enh will be around next patch due to Stormstrike being massively buffed, but it's only for funsies random BGs. I miss those days when I was rocking 2200 2h and just praying to the gods that this stormstrike procs WF, and I 100-0 my target in a global

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