27k Conquest and can't buy Tyran w/honor

Bug Report
Hi, just hit 27k Conquest points for the season and for some reason I can't buy Tyranical gear with honor. Has this happened to anyone?
not that this is much of an answer, but a friend in guild told me that its currently bugged for many people. he put an ingame ticket in and a gm replied a couple hours later and "fixed" it for him. not certain if thats accurate or not but hopefully it helps. and i believe its only 25000 conquest needed, not the 27000 the achievement states.
Yea, looks like others have had the same problem and have had to put a ticket in. Thanks.
having the same issue just hit 25k conquest points today and cant buy tyran wit honor but my achievement for 27k conquest only has me around 20k so its off by 5k conquest and its not just me alot of my friesnds have this problem can we plz get a fix on it
haveing this issue now after 5.3 hit, good thing the blizzard team works hard to ensure all these things are working so that people dont miss out on the gear they could buy if this worked properly
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/9687729 under May 21 PvP hotfixes:
"Conquest Quartermasters (Armsmaster Holinka and Roo Desvin) have been temporarily disabled while we work to resolve an issue with the Tyrannical Conquest achievement."
Blizz doesnt work hard to make sure these things are working. LOL. Its thursday and they had rolling retarts last night for pet battle bugs. Blizzard doesnt know how to appeal to their population unless you are 8 years old and play this game for pokemon.

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