life long caster - Need melee pvp suggestions

I understand class mechanics. But, I have never played a melee. I was thinking of MAYBE leveling an alt for pvp - into 5.3.

Any suggestions on viable Melee's in arena 3's and 2's? This is all I care about - don't care about difficulty of play or FOTM, just viable melee classes that will be able to find good comps in 5.3.

Thanks for any suggestion.

oh - just so you know, I Have a healer druid - was thinking of maybe going feral.
Try throgues, you won't see much a difference from a ranged.
Yea with Shuriken Toss, they might as well be ranged. Ret have a lot of ranged dmg, dks too, feral, monk and warrior are the only ones that really feel melee to me. If that's what you WANT, go with one of those.

Feral played right are strong.

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