[H] 519 Warlock LF 25man H ToT group

Alright guys, the title says most of the stuff of why this post is here.

But a little about myself, I haven't been playing wow for very long, but I have been playing video games and many MMO's throughout the years. Since I have started playing wow I have been raiding immediately after I hit 90. I started on Tortheldrin and iserver transferee with my the majority of my group to Zul'jin.

Since we came to Zul'jin we raided under the guild Carbon Monoxide. With them I was 4/12. I recently left them in search of a heroic progression group of 25 man. Since I have left them I have pugged with a group and achieved my 12/12. The group was Fallen Glory.

What I am looking for most is to be a CORE member of whatever group I go to. I don't mind sitting on fights where I don't need loot to gear up alts and backups, but I want to be involved on progression fights.

In toer 14 I was 16/16 before the 5.2 release, as well aa 4/6 H in msg.

Logs from the fallen glory group:
http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-hxqphgtnawee4qk6/ 9/12
http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-w7p4rn67ir6qnk7k/ 11/12

I ended up killing lei shen with Shroud on this last Monday in a 10m, logs were not taken for that raid apparently as I cannot find the,.

If you have any further questions for me please contact me in game.
RealID. TheWrathoGod#1126
Hey man check out RO - http://relentlessonslaught.enjin.com/

Battletag if You don't wish to app and want to talk to someone instead - Uchiro#1344

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