[H] SCL(10m) recruiting for SoO!

Hello Turalyon!

Secret Cow Level (SCL) is recruiting for our 10 man team.

We're looking for Ranged DPS (no hunters), 1 Tank healer (disc priest/holy pally), and one melee dps with a good tank offspec/offset (preferrably NOT a paladin).

We're heading right into raiding Siege of Orgrimmar on patch day (barring any server hiccups). Our normal raid nights are Tues/Wed 9:00pm - 12:00am server time with Sunday as a make-up/flex day. Our ToT progression was 9/12N. We're a casual guild with a good, fun raid group.

If interested, please contact myself (Nahimana#1413), Xunai, or Shalom in-game. There's no app to fill out, only a friendly chat.

Hump day bump!
Up you go!
Updated recruitment needs, just need a couple solid ranged DPS!
Bumping this up! Still looking for ranged and healers! No shaman allowed though. They're smelly!

Could use a lock for tasty tasty candy.
Bumping it up for a warlock! :3
Bumping it up for all the new A52 peeps!
BUMP! :)
up you go!
Bump! Would love some new folks to raid with! A52 folks welcome!
Tuesday Bump! Raiding tonight if anyone is interested!
Bump! Woo Tortos down!
Bump good people Meg downed tonight

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