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I have been on and off EI for years. This server has had a lot of people leave it. I have a guild on Emerald Dream which is a high pop server. Our guild is level 25 and looking for new people. I know there are a lot of good people on this server. I aslo know the server is on a down turn. I'm at Emerald Dream because of WPVP/PVP/RP and Pve. Our guild offers a lot of things for people to do. E.D. is a pvprp server which at first I wasn't crazy about the Rp but if you give it a chance it's ok. The main reason I like E D is the world pvp is alot of fun. We also do a lot of rbgs and use Oqueue.

Please roll a toon on E D and join our guild Premade and check us out. I run the guild you can look for me or ask for a officer for invite.
Inb4 this thread is locked for cross realm recruiting
I must be reading it wrong. I don't see where it says in conduct you can't cross realm recruit. It might be frownd on. I could be wrong and it spells it out just havent found it.
Here is a post that was locked last month for cross realm recruiting:
Everything the OP says is true. Emerald Dream is the cosmopolitan city, with a big and diversified population. Echo Isles is the town you grew up in, the place to go when you want to kick back and relax. They both have their positives and negatives; so nothing wrong with rerolling on another realm if it might offer something your current realm doesn't.

Most people don't know this, but nowhere in Blizzard's Terms of Use does it state cross-realm recruitment on the forums is not allowed. Spamming a recruitment thread on multiple forums is bannable - because spamming the forums is against Blizzard's policy. Yes, posts have been locked, but since there is never any direct reference or link to a rule that actually exists, whose to say it wasn't locked in error?

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