[A] The Evil League of Evil - Recruiting!

ELOE is a casual raiding guild here on Zul'jin, currently focused on ToT progression. We're 9/12 in TOT, and expect to complete progression shortly. Our main group raids 2 nights a week, Monday and Wednesday at 9:00PM Server.

We're looking for a DPS for the main group. We would prefer a Boomkin, DK, or Monk, but will look at all exceptional applicants who meet our requirements.

At this point, going to say must be 500+ ilvl, show that you've taken the time to enchant/gem your gear, be able to take direction, demonstrate good dps for your ilvl, speak English, and have access to Ventrillo.

Serious applicants can apply at: http://theevilleague.enjin.com

We're also entertaining the idea of having a second raid group to raid other nights.

Juju / Raxx
2 DPS, or 1 Tank and 1 DPS. Bump!

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