For Dailies How much better is Ret over Holy?

I am thinking of leveling my pali the rest of the way. I have leveled as Holy (shockadin) to this point and while a bit slow I didnt think it was too bad.

If I level my Paly I will eventualy rep grind out Shado-pan and August Celestials to get the enchantment recipies because he is a enchanter. I am thiking this will take way too ^&*#ing long as Holy (Shockadin).


I can craft a full suit of 458, with a couple pieces of 496, and a 502 2hder weapon, for my off spec Ret set at 90. I do not plan on gearing this off spec much at all after that. My focus will be primarily Holy (Healing) PvP and PvE.

Will Ret be considerably faster to complete dailies? Or would that just be wasting a lot of blacksmithing craftables.

Oh and since I am posting here. Is there any tricks to speed up grinding out rep nowadays?
Ret is better single target and way better multi-target. No contest Ret.
I haven't played ret in a while and I leveled as holy, so I can't tell you what ret is like. But this question comes up from time to time, so I recorded some Isle of Thunder dailies. I guess you can watch and decide for yourself.
Ret can AoE. /thread
aoe isn't a must have for dailies or leveling pfft
One of the biggest complaints about people leveling as Holy is the complete and utter lack of any offensive AoE ability.
aoe isn't a must have for dailies or leveling pfft

Neither are, say, helms - but it's still generally preferable to have one. :)
I dont think this is what the OP wanted this post for, and I'm not sure you rets understand. I outheal mob damage. If I can't outheal it, I reset it. The OP said he's been leveling as holy, so he knows this.

Would a useful aoe be nice to have? yeah. Is the lack of an aoe a deal breaker for me? no
For dailies, the faster you can complete them, the better, yes? Otherwise you'll spend your whole day on dailies. Having access to strong AoE abilities will complete dailies more quickly, making them go by faster.

It really the same trade-off as Prot vs. Ret for leveling/dailies - speed versus survival. Ret kills things faster than any other Paladin spec, period.
The OP was specifically asking about speed. Not "can I do dailies as holy", but how much better is Ret. And the answer is "a lot". Because, among other reasons, Ret has AoE.

Aerchon can make of all that what he likes, and if you or he has no problem doing dailies as Holy, more power to you. But as a matter of simple fact, Ret does indeed have AoE, and this does indeed allow Ret to deal with multiple foes much more quickly.
dont worry theyre just mad shockadin IS the future!
Lol. Thanks all for the responces. I wasn't expecting such a war on this subject.

As someone mentioned I have leveled as shockadin and its fine. But if I am doing a crazy grind for 2 reps to revered I want to shave as much time off as possible. It sounds like ret will do that.

Any more opinions welcome.
One more thing to factor in is the gear you have for each. If you only have quest greens and a couple blues for your ret set, while you have 502 and 522 gear for your holy set...holy will be far superior single target. My holy paladin is in this boat. His ret gear is so bad he can do much higher dps as holy. You can't aoe, but you also will never have to heal. Ret in really poor gear can be difficult to aoe with due to how much damage it takes and how slow it will kill things.

If the ret gear is even half way decent though? There's no question, ret will be much faster.

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