Prot Set Bonus

Looking for some advice on if it's worth it for me to swap to my 4p for my tankadin.

As you can see I'm currently wearing the lfr tier shoulders, and I have lfr tokens for my chest, gloves and pants (no helm token). But I currently have 522 items in those slots, so I'm not entirely sure if the 4p is worse downgrading 3 items from 522 to 502. I've been using the 522 items instead of the 2p so far because I know our 2p is kind of lackluster, but since the 4p is pretty good I'm considering it. I'm just not sure if it's good enough to loose 60 total ilevels over it.
For normal mode? Probably not. Especially if it's 10-man, the bosses probably won't be hitting hard enough to proc it most of the time.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Oh well, at least now I can taunt a few people in my group that complain about their lack of tier with how I just have so many tokens sitting in my bank.

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