Cannot leave Deadwind Pass.

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On my level 23 hunter, somehow I got into Deadwind Pass.
I can't leave because whenever I move then I get attacked and killed instantly because I am such a low level.
I tried to use my hearthstone, but I still have it set to Shang Xi Training Grounds. It won't allow me to go back there.
I'm not sure what to do. I can't even do dungeons/pvp because all of my weapons/armor is broken.
If you leave by the west exit you should be heading to duskwood, where the mobs will be of lower level. If you need to, just keep rezzing at your corpse to move farther and farther until you're back in darkshire. You dont have to res on your corpse exactly, so you can use this method to move a bit of distance at a time. You could also try to have a friend or guildie come there and port you if they are a mage. Or you could have a warlock friend or guildie summon you from wherever they are.

If you want to avoid breaking your gear while you do this I suggest just taking it all off (in case you have some thats not broken yet).

And remember to make a new Inn!
Another way to do this would be via fatigue death - it can be easier and less frustrating than corpse dragging.

To do this, once you are dead, rather than going to your body and rezzing, run to a shoreline and just to the point where you start to accrue fatigue. Wait there until your ghost dies again.

Your body will now be at the point where you fatigued to death, not where you originally died. Run back to where you fatigued to death, and reclaim your body.

I'd suggest given your level that you run back towards Stormwind - you could place your body just outside the harbor and essentially rez for all intents and purposes in Stormwind.

And don't forget to set your Hearthstone in an Inn!

IIRC the first hostile mobs in Deadwind aren't very far in, so corpse-dragging back to Duskwood may be faster than running all the way to the fatigue zone by SW.

05/17/2013 04:37 AMPosted by Sereniana
On my level 23 hunter, somehow I got into Deadwind Pass.

Since Darkshire is so close to the border there (you're like right there), it's pretty easy to take a wrong turn at Abercrombie.
Thanks guys.

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