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Wyrmrest Accord
[Edit]: I fixed things because some of the forum rules slipped my mind. Sorry, Blizz!

I'm feeling great and whipping out art faster than ever, so if you get something now, I could probably finish it by the end of the next day after you order at the latest. c:
And yes, I can draw guys. Ignore the fact that I've only been drawing girls recently.

The easiest way of contact would be to ( at least temporarily ) add my battletag, lacryel#1585. Otherwise, you can do one of these other things:
  • Send a NOTE to the deviantART link above
  • Send a message to my Newgrounds ( )
  • Or simply send Rianoray (Horde) or Auntera (Alliance) an in-game message through the mailboxes.
  • If it becomes an issue that we cannot discuss your order in full detail for one reason or another via one of these methods, we can discuss other forms of communication privately.

    Thank you for your time! ;u;
    Please do not discuss orders here. Display interest if you'd like to, you know, keep the thread alive. That would be appreciated. But please do not make any final decisions in text on this topic. Thank you. ;u;
    The picture she did for me was amazing. I squealed in the most girly way.
    When I am able to come into some money again, I will certainly be looking you up. Your art is adorable.
    Will be doing examples of a Worgen and a Tauren soon, for those who asked about them~
    Only one more off from getting my friend her headset. She will be really happy; thank you for all of your help!
    I think Pandas will be a little difficult?? I haven't tried one yet, however, I could certainly take a "quick request" like the ones I do on livestreams with the simple "black" shading and such if anybody wants their panda SKETCHED as an experiment~
    Bump! Thanks for the beautifully done picture of Weston! It's simply amazing. I highly recommend this artist.
    Oooh! *rubs his hands together* I -do- have $10 in my paypal account...

    Perhaps I should get you to do me something! Or two things! *Wanders off to ponder who exactly he'd get drawn coz he has way too many alts.*
    The picture she did for me was amazing

    05/27/2013 01:11 PMPosted by Taraimira
    Thanks for the beautifully done picture of Weston! It's simply amazing.

    I am really glad you two are satisfied. They were both really fun for me to do, as well~

    05/21/2013 02:10 AMPosted by Tsangchuan
    I will certainly be looking you up.

    Well I'm certainly not going anywhere, so there's really no rush. c:

    *Wanders off to ponder who exactly he'd get drawn coz he has way too many alts.*

    Hehe, I know the feeling, my fellow altoholic. Of course you could always get them ALL done. ;) (No i jest!)
    Success! I was able to get my friend's headset thanks to all of you who helped support me. Her and I are both very grateful. ;u;

    I'm not sure what my next goal is yet, but still. Thank you all very much~
    I'm not closing commissions down however, so you're still very welcome to check them out if you are interested!
    I have my new goal, but it's far more long term. Obtaining Dreamweaver CS6 to complete my already half-made website. :I
    Drawwee meeeee
    I put up my teaser example thing for the Tauren and the Worgen here:

    I need a Pandaerin or however you spell it to practice on as well, hence why there are no pandas included in the example.

    So if you're a panda, a cow, or a wolf, my doors are now open to you!

    And Also, Immunized, Sorry for the late response. I'll send you a tell in game~
    Added battletag, the art !@#$% in me demands it.
    I just wanted to say your art is adorable and will most likely order from you in the future. <3333

    I would order now but I already commissioned some art and it will cost me $25, and I wont be able to get more art for awhile because of it. XD

    I wish you luck. :D

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