Enchantments for Raiding.

This druid i the result of me coming back to the game after a long break. I quit playing during WotLK and a friend talked me into coming back with a SoR. So, starting out at lvl 80 with a guardian/resto druid while relearning the game has been fun.

So now that I am 90, I want to start raiding. I get that i am going to have to build up the gear I have while participating enough to get new gear. So here is my question, I currently have no enchantments on my gear. I want to add them, but damn, its confusing trying to nail down what I want to add.

My primary role will be healer, so that said, do I need to just enchant everything with Spirit or Intellect or are there better enchants that I will need?
noxxic isnt perfect but it can be a good place to start


the gems and enchants suggestions there look good. for a weapon enchant windsong is ok if its a weapon you know you will upgrade soon. compare the costs of jade and windsong.

you will want to decide which haste break point to go for


unless you have a ton of gold dont bother enchanting greens or stuff that you will replace shortly.

also there is a scenario you can run for a 450 weapon. takes about 15 min. arena of annihilation iirc.

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