To add a bit of fun

Aerie Peak
I was thinking about a few items and fun things to add.
When mages are drunk and they teleport then they go to a random spot.
When you kill (deathwing and idyllen ect) like 60 times they drop a piece of their armor
I had heard there were horde on Aerie Peak, but I've never actually seen one until now. You're my unicorn.
deathwing and idyllen ect

Who's idyllen?

I have heard that Illidan does drop some shinnies though.
Illidan is a the boss of bosses in out lands
This is what happens when you spend too much time alone.
you can add a few ideas and I had another idear hunters shud have a spell that lets tem ride there pet like a mount and it is only for beast Mastery
for warlocks when you go in to demon form and mount on a flying you just fly with your wings

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