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I know alienware is overpriced and generally most people hate them but I pretty much have to buy from newegg and can't find much that compares...input?
Holy hell that's expensive.

GTX660M, i7-3630QM, 8GB RAM, $400 less
Wow, bigger hard drive too...I guess i'm just an idiot when it comes to searching.
Actually, would this be about the same?
Not sure how the SLI 650's fare against a 660 and the hard drive is only 5400rpm

Likely going to go with your recommendation, thank you!
Hmm not sure, I didn't even know laptop GPUs could be in SLI lol.
yeah that's what makes me nervous, SLI isn't always supported. Now I'm just curious what kind of performance I can expect from the MSI but the specs are pretty beefy so I would assume fairly good.

Would it be worth it to get this one for the extra 200?

More info, I play wow, guild wars 2, been dipping into neverwinter, play a lot of games off steam (saints row 3...etc)

Well now i'm not sure
compared to

The 650's seem to outdo the 660
Pretty much thinking this one will be my best bet
looks to be the best bang for the buck at the moment.
Reading the reviews it looks like people have some complaints with the Lenovo one.

Cons: Network card is low end for a gaming laptop. Couldn't handle World of Warcraft instance runs and couldn't maintain streaming video from Apple Airport Express router. Maybe my card was defective because no one else mentioned it, but my MacBook plays WoW fine over wireless...

Cons: if its not plugged in you wont even be able to play minecraft...the video cards clock down to 135mhz when on battery from the 790mhz stock on power. this renders the laptop useless for anything besides internet and word processing when on battery.

Cons: The HDD is only 5400 RPM's that is one of the slower models, I plan on rectifying this problem shortly though. The other only problem is that if you have to have an optical drive, DVD/ BluRay drive then you will have to buy one. I fyou choose to install one internally then you lose SLi capabilities. If you go externally then you are good to go.

Other than that just generic complaints about Windows 8 lol.
Someone complained of Newegg's shipping & the optical drive for the MSI one.

Up to you, I really don't know how well Sli 650s compare and how good each one is having not had personal experience. Although if WoW is your game of choice the GTX 660M would be better since WoW doesn't support multiple GPUs well atall.. should get pretty close to maxing out on the 660M with that i7 processor, I would think. If you play games other than WoW as well like triple A titles and FPS then the 650 Sli might be better
It looks like the guy talking about the wifi issues got a faulty unit because I read in other reviews that it was fantastic. Honestly I'm looking for something that can play WoW as well as some newer games on at least medium to high settings (shadows off etc). My budget cap is around 1200 but its flexible and I have to buy from newegg.

Decided I'm going to go with the upgraded version of the Y500 that has an SSD cache drive (figure that will help a little with the slow read speed)

Overall for the price it's comparable, in some cases better, than a laptop with a 670m in it and it's cheaper.

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