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Aerie Peak
I am currently 9/13 TOT I have been around since WoTLK in different Hardcore raiding guilds since then, I have recently gotten back into wow after concentrating on school and graduation. I just left my 25 man raiding guild because I just felt like I did not fit in and 25 man raiding guilds just aren't for me, they use to be but not anymore, I have very flexible raiding schedule, and I was already looking at some guilds on this server :) i put in a few applications, if there are any questions you may have, I am in game today just send a tell....Thanks!
< Destruction Inc is now Recruiting!! We have just recently transferred to Aerie Peak Because of Population reasons, But the guild has been around since BC. And are in need of some new Players!! We are recruiting all players, Levels, Roles, and Classes! We are also recruiting for our 10 man Core raiding group, We need Healers and DPS. a DPS with a Tanking Offspec would be nice as well! We are a very friendly guild and help out any time. Our raid times are Tuesday/Sunday 8PM-11PM Server time!! If this sounds like the guild for you, Please Pst Dutchyy - Dutchfu - Rayth - Oroy - Bartelicious - Ursangus for invites!

You look like you would be a great addition to the Wayward Enforcers' guild.

Some of the things I can tell you is that we currently have 4 10-man raid teams within Wayward Enforcers (no Wayward is not a mega-guild) and there's always for a dedicated healer or caster dps.

One team runs without a dedicated caster dps another team (mine) is going to be losing a healer for about a month (me) and could use a skilled healer to push the team further in ToT and future SoO raid.

We have a 3/12H team a 9/12 team and two teams sitting at 7/12 respectively in ToT.

Contact Sengoret, Scytarska, Baptism or Jesamine for additional information.

One of the biggest perks I've found within this guild is that should your schedule be screwy one week and you miss one your raid teams raid days, there's potential to raid with another team in guild for that given week (just need some coordination to swap healers for a week).

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