Interest for Challenge Mode ANZ Dungeon comp?

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Hi all,
Just wondering if there is interest from Aus/NZ players for a timed dungeon competition? It would be between ANZ teams who would vs. each other in challenge mode for the fastest run. All of this would be wrapped up in a online event that would be streamed with commentary. Let us know your thoughts!
>run the comp over several weeks (different dungeon / week)
>Create fantasy league of this

Tbh not sure how many people you could get involved but it would definitely be a lot of fun!
Yeah, it would be great to get at least 6 teams who are keen to give it a run each week. We will see if there is enough interested closer to the next patch.
... I'd be so down for this, but I haven't even found a team to do challenge modes with.

How would the streaming work though? :S would the team need to be able to stream video?

Reserving my interest either way, if it becomes an actual thing I'm almost certain I could get people to play.
Interesting, but how could you exclusively get A/NZ players?
Ideally at least three out of the five team members would need to be from ANZ to make it fair. Probably will use their Battle.Net details to confirm location. It is all at the idea stage currently. We would need to work out how to get the footage together so that teams who can’t stream can still have their dungeon runs shown. A few technical hurdles to overcome, but if we have enough interest I think we can make it work.
If this was still going to go ahead I would definitely be interested.
Doesnt matter the times we would choose Blizz decides to shut the servers.
Agree with above
Soooo annoyed with Blizzards attitude towards Oceanic users right now. I mean Cmon 2 full shutdowns in 3 days.....really??

Im a mature guy, i have a job, I usually I don't finish work until 4-430pm home at 5, help cook dinner prepare for the next day. Then sit down to play wow anytime from 630pm - 7pm....only to discover theres a shutdown. Its ok if u live in America but for me in Oz its gamer discrimination. 2 out of 3 days now ive been unable to earn Valor, farm mats and enjoy the game I pay my monthly subscription about my game time and equal and fair opportunity for me to gear up and enjoy playing the game I pay to use.
If anyone is looking for members i'm definitely interested in playing.
obvious experience in all modes, let's push timers c;
This sounds like a great idea. They should put in some oceanic servers so its actually competitve.
definitely interested in this, make it happen please =D
Good talk
Any update on this?
This sort of idea sounds amazing and my CM group currently hold 3 oceanic records :D
Would love to see this kind of 5man content get more love from Blizzard and the community. +1 from me.
Really awesome event idea. Let's hope it goes through
Sounds good, would definitely be interested in doing this

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