Buggy Buffs

So I do LFR quite a bit and 10 mans infrequently, I have my buffs consolidated as per the base blizzard UI. The problem I notice however is that even if something hasn't overwritten my buff auras from being elemental (spell haste, spell power, and mastery) my buffs still don't always show up. The buff is still there for me, my numbers don't change, the thing is that sometimes when I ask other raiders their stats they are the unbuffed stats.

Now this is a problem since it is a big part of the utility that elemental (heck all the shaman specs I believe, though I can't say from experience)brings to raids. It isn't such a big deal in 25 mans since so many classes have similar buffs or auras, but in 10 mans it can be, if some people don't show up and the raid can't take its full amount of buffers, one character providing three buffs is quite a large deal.
I have noticed the same thing myself, and its a bit annoying. I wish that we could get something like a clickable passive button where the spell icon is on our spellbooks to be able to "cast" it to make sure its up.
Just a UI bug, click on the character and it shows the buffs active. Also prioritize castable buffs over passive

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